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Dec 2019
8:28 pm

ice ropes

ice ropes

Diatoms - Seeta Goyal

the remnants of flowers have all but frozen shut
color fills the cheeks of the deciduous trees
contrasted by the white hats of snow they wear on their branches
my boots shuffle cautiously along the icy ground

I pull open the door and find myself face to face with warmth
and discard the global glaciations of the past
the frosty air is not permitted entry to our biome

tealights illuminate the greenhouse
crystal ropes gather on the windows
refracting the candles against the inky sky,
reminiscent of the soft glow of life in the deepest seas

words flow like waterfalls from faces steeped in thought
we breathe life into pages
tiny organisms encased in a protective shell of glass
not unlike diatoms in our crystalline structure,
we too produce significance
we too allow life to flourish