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A Voice You Can Count On


By Philip Gerard

Photographs by Robin Vincent.

Nobody reads poetry anymore, they say. But I do.

And I listen to poetry, too. Why? It's simple—Great stuff usually is.

Picture this: Interstate 80, nighttime, winter, a dozen days before Christmas, snowing like the end of the world. I'm coming down from Chicago toward Connecticut, been driving for eight hours, across Indiana and into Ohio, hoping to get way beyond Cleveland for the…

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Textsound Issue 12 Editors’ Note


In the spirit of collaboration, Anna Vitale and Laura Wetherington present their editorial note on issue 12 of textsound, which launched this week.

Textsound Issue 12 Editors' Note


We read Lyn Hejinian's "Rejection of Closure" as a way to contextualize our thinking about this issue. Her essay outlines the way a text can be closed or open depending on the way it's formed; the structure makes an opening (or…

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