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Jul 2019
8:00 pm
Argus Farm Stop Liberty St
325 Liberty St.
Ann Arbor, MI

One Pause Poetry Salon

ONE PAUSE POETRY SALON is (literally) a greenhouse for poetry and poets, nurturing an appreciation for written art in all languages and encouraging experiments in creative writing.

We meet every Weds to read, write and talk about poems. Usually the poetry we read is unified by form (haiku, sonnet, spoken word), poet, time / place (Tang Dynasty, English Romanticism, New York in the 70s) or theme / mood (springtime, poems with cats, protest poems). 

Members are encouraged to bring their own poems or poems they like - they may or may not relate to the theme of the evening. Songs, music and other art forms are also welcome. The salon is informal, and there is always time for wine, snacks, and chatting. Every once in a while we have workshop nights or open mic-ish nights too.

Whether you are a famous published poet or just love reading or listening to poetry in your spare time, we invite you to join us!

$5 suggested donation for food, drinks and printing costs.

One Pause Poetry Salon