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Jun 2017
8:00 pm
Argus Farm Stop
325 W Liberty St
Ann Arbor, MI

One Pause Poetry Salon

Come read and write poems in the greenhouse with us! ONE PAUSE POETRY SALON is a FREE event taking place every other Wednesday, open to all lovers of poetry in the greater Ann Arbor area. We aim to widen appreciation for poetry in all languages and genres, to inspire the writing of new poems in a relaxed environment, and to provide a supportive space for poets and poetry enthusiasts to meet one another.

Each salon is dedicated to a genre or form (haiku, sonnet, ghazal), a poet, a movement or a theme / mood (springtime, the supernatural, poems of protest). Half the evening is devoted to reading and poetry talk, and the other half to collaborative writing games and exercises, with a break for snacks and socializing in the middle. Snacks, wine, tea and coffee are served!

Whether you are a published poet or encountering poetry for the first time, we invite you to join us!

<3 Mike

(for more information, contact Mike Zhai wandersong@gmail.com, or just stop by!)